"HP Care Pack" name replaces both "Compaq CarePaq" and "HP Supportpack" brands

Supporting the evolution to one brand; one packaged service program - a new global "HP Care Pack" name and image has been developed that replaces both the classic Compaq CarePaq and HP Supportpack brands. This name and image will be phased in over the first half of 2003 as the new portfolio is released. However, Compaq CarePaq and HP Supportpack part numbers will remain unchanged at this time. When a HP Care Pack part number is requested for transactions, please enter the appropriate pre-merger company's number. HP partners are being given an early preview of this through HP CSN to ensure they have adequate time to prepare their businesses for the transition.

The portfolio of packaged services will have a new structure as well, and within the new structure new service packages have been defined. The new service packages were derived from the existing portfolios of Compaq and HP packaged services.

The new HP Care Pack offerings are "upfront" or "prepaid" services, generally purchased at the time of product sale. The packages are sold through the direct, indirect and Web sales channels, and are paid in full at the time of purchase. The new packaged service portfolio will include three broad categories:

"stand alone services" - for basic support and warranty extension; including hardware services and software support.

"combination services" - integrated hardware and software support for both reactive and proactive customer requirements.

"environment services" - services that are fixed price, fixed time, defined solutions; including start-up, installation, and assessments.

These services will be available globally and are easy to order electronically. Our packages uplift or enhance the basic standard warranty to meet customers' uptime and performance needs. HP Care Pack services ensure consistent and predictable levels of service, secures the IT and internet infrastructure and complements partners' IT solutions to meet customer business needs.