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Membership in the HP Channel Services Network makes it easier than ever to do business with HP and opens the door for additional opportunities for partnership. The HP Channel Services Network Web-based management system provides real-time access to service sales and support information. Partners receive qualified sales leads, order parts, register for training, download sales and marketing collateral, and check their pay-for-performance rating. Select one of the links below for additional information on each category.*

» business transactions

» reports & metrics

» sales assistance

» sales & marketing collateral

» offerings & programs

» training

» support tools & information

» update partner information


business transactions

Spend less time on administrative work and more time on customers using HP Web-enabled business processes.

parts ordering & tracking—electronic claims
Search for parts by part number, description, category, model, or model type using the online parts ordering and electronic claims tools. Submit valid Warranty Event Reimbursement Requests to HP for warranty repairs performed on HP hardware. Use the online parts ordering tool to quickly meet your customers’ needs.

service entitlement
Improve customer satisfaction. Use this tool to determine the level of warranty coverage entitled for a particular piece of hardware and make sure customers receive the appropriate level of service—in the right time.

hp care pack purchasing & registration (formerly Compaq CarePaq services registration)
Use this feature to order and register HP Care Pack services. The order is electronically fulfilled. Receive fast email acknowledgement and instant service activation for customers.  

depot registration
Lower inventory costs and save time addressing customer needs. Use this tool to register for Spare Parts Depot Program from HP—where critical HP spare parts are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for registered servers, workstations and selected commercial desktops.

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reports & metrics

Proactively manage customer satisfaction and service profitability with service performance data.

performance metrics & benchmarking
Generate a comprehensive report to find out if you meet customer satisfaction standards. Reports provide data in a number of helpful formats.

pay for performance ratings
Use this report to monitor customer satisfaction ratings. Make sure that you provide high quality customer service with current and historical customer satisfaction grades.  

financial reporting
View financial and disbursement records categorized by base warranty, customer satisfaction, labor only claims, phone fixes and administrative fees. HP wants partners to have timely and accurate information available to manage their service business. (Available for
U.S. partners)

worldwide performance reporting
Various performance metrics reports for HP service partners—helping them to maintain high customer satisfaction levels essential to the success of their business and the HP Services Network. (Available in
Asia-Pacific , Canada , Japan and Latin America )

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sales assistance

A closed-loop lead management feature and online presale support to augment internal resources and increase revenue without increasing costs.

sales support inquiries
Complete an online request for sales support information. A dedicated sales support team assists with available service offerings and programs, provides helpful details and proven sales strategies when preparing a quote for a customer.

leads management
Membership in the HP Channel Services Network provides leads and increased revenues for partners who take advantage of the Leads Management Program. Partners receive leads by email and can accept or decline each opportunity based on its compatibility with your business objectives.

hp care pack services offerings
View offerings by product or product family with this helpful tool designed to help determine the appropriate HP Care Pack service solution.

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sales & marketing collateral

Access to sales and marketing material such as brochures, service descriptions, presentations and price matrices for HP service offerings.

marketing material & sales guides
Partners can leverage a comprehensive library of professionally developed collateral materials and sales guides. Use Adobe Acrobat to download these files and provide them to clients or sales staff.

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offerings & programs

Learn more about the HP Services portfolio of service offerings, as well as the new partner program architecture.

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Manage training and certification for technicians and staff. Understand the requirements needed to meet the HP prerequisites and customer needs. Some classes are available online.

registration & tracking
Membership in the HP Channel Services Network allows partners to take advantage of a wide variety of HP sponsored training, making sure field personnel provide service using the latest technologies. Use this tool to register for courses online or track the ongoing training of your employees.

computer-based training
Membership in the HP Channel Services Network provides you with access to a host of easy-to-use training opportunities, including the HP Learning Center. These tools save time and money while ensuring your customers receive service from technicians with the most up-to-date training skills.

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support tools & information

The HP Channel Services Network offers partners the advantage of the latest warranty diagnostic tools and technical support information to ensure customers receive consistent, quality service delivery.

technical information 
Save time. Increase customer satisfaction. Provide accurate, timely solutions for all your customers’ service needs. This tool provides one-stop shopping for all service and support documentation when information is needed on a particular HP product or system. Search for documents by serial number, operating system, document number or document release date, or perform a custom search based on product hierarchy drill down, geographic location and document type. 

active update 
A Web-based application that keeps IT managers directly connected to HP for proactive notification and delivery of the latest software and information updates. Don't waste time searching the web for your customers. 

natural language search assistant 
Uses natural language processing to interpret your plain English query, search our site for the most relevant information about HP and Compaq business products and return it to you through an easy-to-use interface. 

diagnostic tools
The tools library gives partners access to extensive research from HP including the latest information and upgrades. The library allows partners to provide comprehensive support for a variety of platforms while keeping costs low. 

partner diagnose before dispatch 
An integrated tools suite that provides a simple methodology to diagnose the customer's problem on all potential warranty or HP Care Pack service events before you order parts or dispatch labor. 

technician's toolbox
Technicians can find the latest information needed to perform their work— includes a wide range of service information, parts lists, maintenance tips and guides, product updates and software patches.

vendor links and forums
Easy access to product documentation, downloads, reference guides, FAQs and online forums across the HP solution. 

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update partner information

Help HP Channel Services Network help you. Provide us with current information on your business and areas of expertise—we will do a better job communicating and directing customers to you.

update my user profile
Use this simple online form when user information changes. Save time and focus on meeting customer needs. You can also change your system password.

update my partner profile
Notify HP when important details about your business change using this easy online form. Our system will update electronically, allowing you to avoid time-consuming paperwork and focus on your core business.

administrator tools
Change important administrative information online with this streamlined tool designed to save you time.

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*Not all functions are available in all regions. Please check with your local HP channel contact for specific questions.