Americas Self Maintainer Program



The HP Americas Self Maintainer Program is intended for customers that have specific requirements to service eligible commercial HP Products they own or lease. Additionally they must have an existing service department staffed with their own employees to service their units.


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HP Provides:


1)         Efficient and comprehensive start up support

2)         Direct management of applications for quick turn around and startup

3)         Startup materials including easy step by step checklists and guides

4)         Training available to all Self Maintainers


Follow these steps below to learn more and become a Self Maintainer:


1)      Review Self Maintainer Program Documentation

2)      Review appropriate Terms and Conditions for location and Tier

3)      Apply to the Program


Step 1: Self Maintainer Program Documentation:

Please review the below documents prior to applying to the program.


1)         HP Self Maintainer program customer presentation

2)         HP Self Maintainer program one page view

3)         SM Guide Application and Enrollment


Step 2: Americas Self Maintainer Agreements:

Please review the Terms & Conditions of HP's Self Maintainer Agreement to ensure that you meet the program requirements before proceeding to the application.

 Parts and Labor Agreements:


Click here for the United States Parts and Labor Agreement

Click here for the Canada Parts and Labor Agreement


Parts Only Agreements:


Click here for the United States Parts Only Agreement

Click here for the Canada Parts Only Agreement


Step 3: **Apply to become an HP Self Maintainer**


Please apply for the HP Self Maintainer program on the HP Inc. Partner First Portal. see the online application instructions in the above document titled "How to Become an HP Self Maintainer".



For questions or to check the status of an application please contact the Self Maintainer Support Team.



Self-Maintainer Customer Support
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central

Speak "Self-Maintainer"


Fax: 1.877.481.5873