HP’s integrated channel strategy converges on new business development. For this reason partners are fundamental to HP’s success because you augment our capabilities and extend our market reach. To support you in this effort we have developed a partner architecture program that provides you the flexibility and support to achieve our mutual goal of profitable growth.

choose a partner program that fits your business
The partner architecture provides you the opportunity to engage with HP in the way that you choose. With options available for service resale, delivery or management, you can choose the designation(s) that meet your customer’s needs while providing you the most profitable option.


flexible enough to grow with you
In developing this architecture we talked to many of you and the one point that we kept hearing was the need to be flexible. The HP partner program makes it easy for you to work with HP as your business grows and changes. At any time you can expand to a new designation provided you meet the designation’s authorization requirements. This flexibility helps you stay ahead of your customers’ ever-changing needs.




Designed around three engagement types – sell, deliver or manage – the architecture was developed to enable you to focus on your core business in meeting your customers’ needs in this competitive environment. The designations allow you to select how you want to engage with HP to best meet your business model. Information on each engagement is available below:  



programs for
service resellers

authorized service reseller partner

  • Ability to sell packaged HP-branded services at point of product sale

  • Able to renew coverage through attractive out-of-warranty packaged services

  • Service sales authorization linked to product sales authorization – you can sell associated services with the hardware

  • Customer’s standard service demand provides profitable revenue stream for you on top of hardware sale

authorized solution sales partner

  • Ability to sell configured HP-branded services

  • Requires more extensive sales capability and infrastructure to sell more complex opportunities

  • Ability to determine more intensive end-customer needs assessment and longer sales cycles

  • Opportunities include capability based services and solutions and are not necessarily tied to the hardware sale

  • Increased investment results in higher margin opportunities

  • Able to meet customer’s demand for expanded solution portfolio resulting in new revenue streams


programs for
service delivery partners

authorized warranty delivery partner

  • Ability to deliver warranty services

  • Requires product certifications and specializations including laptops, storage and multifunction printers

  • Allow you to meet end-customer’s need for local warranty entitlement


authorized service delivery partner

  • Ability to sell and deliver HP-branded services

  • Higher profit from your service investment

  • Requires the highest levels of customer satisfaction and service level agreements.        

  • Eligible to receive subcontracting opportunities from HP.

  • Provides ability to offer customers a local trusted advisor for delivery of services


authorized business solution partner

  • Opportunity to deliver HP-branded business solutions which may include server, mobility, storage, printing, managed and other service solutions

  • Requirements are capability based

  • Eligible to receive subcontracting opportunities from HP

  • Designed for customers seeking business partners to meet complex systems and business needs



program for

service managers


authorized service management partner

  • Ability to provide contract management including warranty conversions, renewals and contract modifications

  • Opportunity to utilize the investment in infrastructure and resources to support the contract management process

  • Requirements around sales training, asset management and administration

  • Ability to meet customer’s requirement for one contact for their service contracts or need focused account control     


Contact your local HP channel account manager for more information.